Before you head on your next trip, make sure you get yourself sorted with these killer travel tips:

Travel Tip #1: Bring earplugs on the plane

Better yet, get yourself some noise cancelling headphones as well. The Bose QuietComfort 25’s are my trusty companions. Blocks out all the screaming babies!

I used to be one of those travelers continually complaining about jetlag. I thought it was all to do with the time difference. But I’ve realized that the biggest killer on my energy was actually just the 12 hours of constant ambient airplane noise keeping my brain awake.

Now my strategy is to have those earplugs and headphones locked and loaded before I walk on the plane and until I get back off. It makes for some funny moments when the flight attendants try and ask you what you want to eat for dinner, but at the end of the day, I get off the plane feeling so much more fresh than otherwise.

Travel Tip #2: Try and sneak a free row or business class seat

Check this post out about the time I sneaked into Emirates First Class.

It’s true, another massive factor of jetlag is the mere fact we generally don’t get much sleep on those long-haul flights in times when we would otherwise be getting our 8 hours.

My solution – scout out a free row down the back of a plane or get yourself a sneaky in-plane upgrade for that sleep you only ever dreamed of.

Travel Tip #3: Bring a power board to cut down on adaptors

Ever been caught only being able to power one thing at a time because you only have one travel adaptor?

Well this is easily fixed. Grab yourself something along the lines of this travel power board to get all your appliances going at once and in your local societal, whilst minimising your packing weight.

Travel Tip #4: Get the right credit card

Getting the right credit card can not only ELIMINATE your conversion fees, but it can also save you on the cost of insurance. This post i recently put up will teach you exactly how!

Regardless of the payment method you end up choosing, always remember to call your bank to make sure they know you are travelling before they cancel your card on your first attempted transaction.

Travel Tip #5: Bring photos of all your important ID info

When we travel, we are always on our toes in new environments.

For me, this leads to just generally forgetting stuff and leaving things on chairs to never be seen again, like the time I left my wallet with $1,000 in it in Dubai airport.

A lot of people suggest printing off copies of your ID. This is all well and good, however I suggest taking photos of them all on your phone so you have a better chance of accessing them when you need them.

Travel Tip #6: Bring a case for your iPhone

I’m not sure about you, but I NEED a case. I drop my iPhone all the time, and that’s when I’m in my hometown.

When travelling, we are always in new environments, out hiking, wearing different clothes with different pockets, swimming etc.

Getting a case like this one from LifeProof has saved my phone and my cash balance many times!

Travel Tip #7: Use Dry Bags, not plastic bags

In the good ol’ days I would always pack some big garbage bags to put my shoes or dirty clothes in.

These days, I’ve gone a little heavier duty and better on the environment by stocking up on these bad boys. Dry bags are the way of the future. Not only are they made from really good quality material, they can be rolled up to squeeze all the air out and keep everything inside waterproof. Perfect for a day out rafting or just to keep things airtight in your luggage.

Travel Tip #8: Bring an empty pillowcase and stuff it with a jacket

I remember on my first few holidays actually packing a full pillow in my suitcase just to be sure I had a good night sleep.

Yes, I agree, this was ridiculous.

So these days, instead of packing the whole pillow, I just bring a pillow case and stuff it with my puffy jacket if I ever need an emergency pillow on a night bus or in a hostel room.

Travel Tip #10: Roll your clothes, don’t fold

Better yet, get around packing cubes.

If you really want to be efficient about how much you pack as well as how long it takes to find stuff, these packing cubes will do the job. It makes it so much easier for me to swap things around on the go.

Travel Tip #11: Check out Airbnb and HostelWorld

If you’re want to stay in a hotel, then by all means is the BEST site for you to find the cheapest deal. Take my word.

But if you want to be a little less conventional, you can use this link for a $25 voucher on Airbnb or this link for the most comprehensive list of hostels around the world. Your pick.

Travel Tip #12: Always mark your luggage as fragile

This one is a little crafty. But it works every time.

For no reason other than to just get a one-up on the world, mark your bags as fragile at the check-in counter.

This will have the handlers treat your luggage with a little extra care, and also have your bags coming out first on the carousel because it was generally the last thing to be loaded in the first place.

You’re welcome.

Travel Tip #13: Bring your own water bottle everywhere

Be environmentally conscious! This one goes everywhere with me!

Not only will getting around with a bottle like this save the environment from the scourge of plastic bottles filling our tips and oceans, but you’ll also save a tonne of cash not buying fresh bottles every day.

If you’re worried about the quality of the water in the 2nd world country you’re in, check this water purifier out.

Travel Tip #14: Download Duolingo and to get yourself around foreign languages

There is nothing more frustrating for me than getting to a new city and having zero idea what the symbol translates to in English.

Some languages are just too hard to read for me.

But at the very least, apps like Duolingo will help with the basic pronounciations and directives to get you to your hotel and out of paying $200 for an apple. 

For all of my favourite travel apps, check this post out.

Travel Tip #15: Use TSA approved locks

If you’re travelling in the US, this is mandatory. If you don’t, you’ll end up losing your locks and having TSA guys sniff through your delicates section.

Regardless, getting a good TSA-approved retractable lock is my suggestion. It works just like a normal lock, but can be extended to also keep your bag secured to a bed leg or chair on a bus while you sleep.

For all the best safety tips, make sure you read this article here.

Travel Tip #16: Set your browser to private browsing when booking tickets

When you’re booking your flights, you might be interested to know that airlines actually set the prices for you based on your home location and how often you check the prices.

It’s their way of keeping the prices as high as you’ll possibly pay.

To get around this, clear your cookies before searching and set your browser to ‘private browsing’ so that the sites don’t know where you are searching from.

Travel Tip #17: Remember to keep your toiletries below 100ml

This one is simply about saving some cash.

If you want to bring your hairspray or personal items on the plane, that’s fine.

Just remember to keep them in small containers, otherwise the customs officers will confiscate them.

Otherwise, just keep your toiletries in your checked in luggage.

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