There’s nothing quite like being in love with a girl who speaks another language, who was born in a different country, and who has lived in different parts of the world.

She shares very similar values to you, but they were borne out of totally different backgrounds and for different reasons.

She speaks of her hometown with fond memories, a window to a new world you’ve never perceived. And she revels in your stories in a way that no local girl does.

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To her, you are exotic, or at the very least, foreign and special. To you, she is a door to a world you may never have otherwise had the chance to experience in your own little lifetime.

Everything that is pedestrian to you is intriguing to her, and all that seems bland to her is the name of the next destination you type into SkyScanner.

Your Bali is her Greek Islands, your minimum wage is her Carnivale’, your steak on the BBQ is her exquisite Tortellini Carbonara. The other marvels at the things you each take for granted.

And yet when you retire to bed to find shelter after a long day, your heart is hers and her eyes are yours. Your cocoon becomes a special little travel documentary of your own, without even having to travel.

There is nothing quite like it. You can feel like a tourist in your own country, always learning about concepts and lands afar. You may or may not agree with them, but you’ll always be interested in them.

How do I know this?

Well, I’ve been there. I’ll never forget some of the best memories of my life with the girl from the other side of the world – European, and with her own language and cultural history.

Surprisingly, I didn’t seek it out. In fact, it wasn’t much more than the luck of the draw, I suppose.

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Luckily, she spoke English fluently, opening my eyes up to the ignorance I display daily at only being fluent in a single language.

Instantly and forever, you become both a teacher and a student.

Continuously, you are charged with familiarizing and explaining your local nuances or the meaning of an English word, and quite often you are exposed to the many contrasts and similarities between your cultural norms and those of hers on the other side of the world.

Fascinating and enlightening are the two words to describe it. Sometimes, frustration can pop up for a second when things just don’t seem to reconcile in one party’s head, but generally, your life is supercharged into a 24/7 cultural adventure.

After dating a few girls from both sides of the location spectrum, it’s honestly hard to say I could ever be satisfied with the girl next door again.

Sure, the concept of the girl next door is what every guy dreams of at some point, but I’ve found it so much more fulfilling to find the girl next to someone else’s door, a long way from here.

Very quickly you learn that, really, we’re all so similar, and it’s quite humbling.

However, I’m happy to announce that the spice of life really does come from abroad.

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  • Do you have an international love?
  • Have you been in a long distance relationship?
  • How did it all work out?