If you’ve decided to venture into the extremely underrated and un-explored Myanmar, you’ve probably heard of a town called Inle. 

And you’ve therefore never heard of one of it’s flagship resorts, Paramount Inle Resort!

But nothing, and I mean nothing, will prepare you for the beauty of visiting this place in person.

Surprisingly, for such an untouched region, there are a number of hotel choices on offer.

But, from my experience, there is a right choice and a wrong choice.

Paramount Inle Resort

To truly experience this wonderful culture, you really want to immerse yourself in it.

The Shan people, the people of Inle, have made a life off of living on the lake.

Not around it, not by it, on it!

Where others cultivate market gardens on solid land, the people of Inle have actually engineered their farms, soil and all, to float on the lake.

It might sound unfathomable, but 100% of Myanmar’s tomatoes are grown on the lake, as well as corn and sugar cane.

Where one would usually walk the streets of a village, there is only one mode of transport when you step out of your room here, and that is by longboat.

So, naturally, the best place to reside is in a hotel choice on the water, amongst the action.

And, for me, that venue was the Paramount Inle Hotel.

Getting There

To get there, and many other premium hotels, it’ll take you about a 45 minute water taxi down the main canal and across the open lake to get there.

You’ll board in Nyaung Shwe, the vibrant border village, and pay 20,000 kyat (USD$18) to get to your destination.

The ride in is spectacular.

You’ll be flanked by other longboats carrying locals or supplies, and you’ll pass traditional fisherman perched precariously on the end of their boat waiting for fish to enter their bamboo nets.

The Room

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by the ever-present smiles of the hotel staff.

I was hosted in a Deluxe Cottage, which stood individually amongst a row of 10 in the water along the canal.

The Deluxe Cottage really does allow you to immerse yourself in the community, offering a private deck facing one of the waterways and a view of one of the many sprawling floating gardens the community lives off.

The Food

Dining was also a pleasant experience.

The wait staff was as attentive as ever, and the menu left you with so many options I felt the need to stay longer just to try everything.

The Location

The real value in choosing Paramount Inle Resort is it’s location.

It could have been very easy for me to choose to stay in Nyaung Shwe, having not really been aware of the geography of the area beforehand.

And although Nyaung Shwe is a wonder in itself, it would have been a hassle to have to continually take a longboat out to the real stars of the show (the floating gardens, the long-neck ladies, the silversmiths, monastery, cigar factory, and hotel air balloons) based in the center of the lake.

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Paramount Inle Resort hosted me for my stay in Inle, and whilst I am truly grateful to have such a reputable accommodation partner, my thoughts and photography in this article are entirely my own.