You know you’re in the right place when you can call ahead and have the concierge arrange a ticket to Boca Juniors for you before you even arrive.

That’s the kind of personal service that epitomizes what Hotel Club Frances in Recoleta prides itself on.

And it didn’t just come from the concierge.

From the restaurant staff to the ladies in housekeeping, all the way up to management, it’s clear that this isn’t a hotel chain pushing their cookie-cutter service across the globe.

Hotel Club Frances is a boutique hotel built on top of the historic French club in the heart of Buenos Aires’ most affluent suburb.

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When patronage started to decline in the club over the last 10 years, instead of shutting it down, they decided to invest.

The result: a 5-star, boutique, 10-floor hotel integrated into a classy, private, and precision-managed facility.

The Room

I stayed in the Executive Suite, and boy did I feel like a CEO the whole time.

The room: larger than most apartments.

The bathroom: larger than most bedrooms, and including a full-length bath and steam room.

The king-sized bed was the comfiest I’ve slept on in a long time and the space in the apartment removed any feeling that I was actually in a hotel room. I had the luxury to concentrate on my work in the day and the serenity to sleep in peace at night.

With a minimalist, French décor, the room was perfectly balanced.

The Service

Nowhere else in South America did I receive such personalized and attentive service.

The concierge knew my name, let me use their personal cell phone when I needed it, booked football tickets for me, and held personal items when I needed to step out quickly.

But what was even more impressive was the extra measures the ladies in housekeeping took to make sure I felt as at home as possible.

Every night my bed was prepared for me and a bottle of water and chocolate left on the side table.

And every morning my room was tidied to the extent that all of my clothes, shoes, and personal articles were folded and organized in the closet as if it were my own home.

These personal touches are what separates an exceptional experience from a good hotel.

Even the restaurant staff was on cue.

Each morning, they remembered my favourite order, confirmed it with me, and promptly served me with my next plate as the last was just finished.

The Location

If you are looking to marvel at what makes Buenos Aires the most advanced city in South America, look no further than the gold-leafed, marble streets of Recoleta.

The home of Buenos Aires’ upper-class, Recoleta holds the most hip and well-regarded cafes and restaurants in town, as well as easily accessible supermarkets, trains, buses, taxis, and gyms.

Just 10 minutes from the airport, this is the perfect location for the businessman with little time to spare.

The Final Word

I’m so glad I decided to spend 3 nights at Hotel Club Frances in place of the more global hotel chains in Buenos Aires.

Instead of feeling like a customer, I felt like a guest.

As an added bonus, the fully operational fencing venue in the basement was a great experience to learn a new sport and watch the best go toe-to-toe.

With outstanding, fresh food, modern and spacious rooms, and attentive and generous staff, I couldn’t imagine a venue that will be a better base for your Buenos Aires experience than Hotel Club Frances.

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