I don’t.

Believing in destiny is like putting your trust in the universe that it’s got your back and will look after you when the time comes.

I think people believe in destiny as a form of faith.

That in the end, as long as you do the right thing, your ticket to everything you dreamed of is just around the corner.

“Don’t worry, it’s fate”

“Justin and I are meant to be together, it’s fate”.

‘I just know that one day I’ll be up on stage performing, it’s destiny”.

Come on…


Fate is for people who have sort of just had enough of things not turning out for them, so they entrust their future happiness to an unaccountable concept rather than accepting (or comprehending) that the future is actually just a function of the world’s collective individual actions over time mixed in with the uncontrollable force of nature.

Have you really just entrusted your chances of one day fulfilling your lifelong dreams to the universe?

How are you so sure you and Justin will end up together? Is it just meant to be?

It really ticks me off when people talk about destiny.

It seems to shirk responsibility for our own actions and disregard the complexity of our communal existence.

If you and Justin get together, it wont be because the universe decided you would be a cute couple and that is that. It will be because you had the opportunity to spend time together, made the joint choice to continue to do so, and found a number of compatible similarities that made co-existing a more attractive option than not.

If you become a movie star one day, it wont be because destiny thought you deserved a chance.

It will be because you decided to put yourself out there, and at the point in time you were being evaluated against the raft of other candidates for the job, the skills and attributes you displayed from years of work and genetics were more attractive to the decision makers than any other option.

The concept of destiny is societies way of keeping hope when they can’t see a sequential pathway to their dreams.

Having faith is one thing; it’s good to stay in a positive mindset about the opportunities of the future. It breeds pro-active lifestyles and happiness.

But leaving your future up to destiny is like getting your parents to sit your exams for you.

It’s lazy.

So today I want to challenge everyone to stop putting the most important things in your lives in ‘destiny’s’ hands.

Take responsibility for your future, influence the daily outcomes in your lives to your best ability, and try to accept the things that happen as a function of everyone else’s influence on your life.

If you can do this, all that stuff you were leaving up to destiny will seem much more attainable going forward.

  • Do you believe in destiny?
  • Do you think I’ve got it totally wrong?