So you’re about to book your flight, but you need just a little more info on the best things about Singapore? Look no further.

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If you’ve never been to Singapore, you are probably expecting the same things I did before the first time I went in 2006.  

You’re probably envisaging China or Malaysia or some other very Asian undertone.  

True, Singapore is very much engrained in it’s Asian and Sub-continental roots (as you may very informatively find out on a tour on Sentosa Island), but without a doubt, it is also the most Western, clean, and advanced country in Asia. 

Singapore lends it’s root to it’s old port-based trading hub history, acting as a go-between for Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, and Western merchants. Fast forward 100 years and Singapore is still a world leader and important strategic hub in the oil, cargo, and financial industries.  

To give you an idea, it’s port yard that holds all the shipping containers in storage is larger than most Central Business Districts around the world. It’s huge! 

For more fun little facts, and some serious info upload, I highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of this particular Travel Guide.

But what is it about Singapore that keeps it competing with Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, or Kuala Lumpur? 

After all, it’s a tiny island with no natural resources on the tip of Malaysia. 

5 Best Things About Singapore


1. The shopping is abundant.  

If you are looking to shop like a pro, head to Orchard Road. It has every high-end, and household brand name nestled side-by-side along this very busy, wide street.

If you are looking for a bargain, head to Bugis Markets and Sim Lim Square. This district offers you every item you would hope for in a marketplace: clothes, watches, food, shoes, bags, and electronics galore. Just be careful and make sure you double-check the quality first. Don’t worry too much, however, as Singaporean people are extremely friendly and helpful, with great English skills.

Sim Lim Square will open your eyes; it’s one of those multi-story forums where every store seems to sell the same things for the same prices; floor after floor of competing electronics suppliers. A great chance for a bargain! 

Did I mention the food? Oh, the food.. Don’t get me started.

2. Sentosa Island Adventures 

If there is one place you need to visit when in Singapore, its Sentosa Island. The island has always been a holiday destination for locals, with fun tobogganing, laser light shows, and the aquarium. But in the last few years, a major upgrade has seen it add Universal Studios, a Casino, and plenty of Hotel space.

It’s a whole bunch of fun for all ages! 

My recommendation is Universal Studios. It’s nearly identical to the one in Los Angeles, meaning lots of fun, lots of getting wet, and great rides.  

TIP 1: get there just before it opens and enter anti-clockwise! This will help you dodge the large Chinese tour groups that always seem to take the route clockwise, starting with the kid rides. It’s the best way to get as many rollercoaster rides in early before they meet you half way.  

TIP 2: Make good use of the ‘single-rider’ line. Most group rides like The Mummy and Jurassic Park have a line for the single rider.  

Its always empty!  

Take this line and you’ll fly straight through on multiple occasions whilst the family of 6 in the group line hasn’t moved more than 10 metres.

3. The place is extremely clean and safe! 

A litter law dating to 1968 means litterbugs can be fined $1,000 for their first conviction. Don’t be too scared off by this, however. I’ve been multiple times and can say I’ve never seen this happening. Or heard of it. 

What it does mean, however, is that you can be sure that it will be the cleanest city you’ve ever visited. Couple this with the tropical foliage draped around the city, and the lush green grasses, and you’ve got yourself one picturesque place to be. 

To top things off, Singapore has to be the safest major city I’ve ever been in. The crime rate is ridiculously low, the people are polite and helpful, and the streets are well-lit and well-signed.  

It seems to pinch the best factors from each of the best cities around Asia. 

It’s a real family destination. 

4. Cross the bridge and you are in Malaysia 

 There’s a reason that the capital city of Singapore is… Singapore.

It’s because the country is tiny.  

5.4 million people are crammed on a 700km2 island jutting out of Malaysia. The cool thing about this is that only a short morning bus ride from the city, over the 1034m bridge, and you are in Johor, a very contrasting and diverse Muslim province of Malaysia. 

Johor has always been that place where tourists would travel from Singapore to in order to stock up on the pirated DVD’s and fake designer bags located in secret backdoor rooms, then smuggle them back into Singapore after a hard day of bartering. 

More than that, Johor is a great day trip from Singapore where you can visit beautiful mosques, national parks and tropical beaches. 

What’s more, Singapore is an Aviation hub where you can visit every airport in Asia for some of the cheapest fares. If you’re looking for an Asian expedition, Singapore should be your base. 

5. Changi Airport 

Now I know most people don’t go on holiday for the airport experience. Let’s face it, most of us want to spend as little time in them as possible. 

But if you were ever going to be stuck in an airport, this is the place to be. It’s been newly renovated and voted number 1 in the world for 2015 by all the top ratings houses. 

Add it to the itinerary! 

Surely I’m not the only one out there singing Singapore’s praises!  

BONUS ROUND: Marina Bay Sands

Ever noticed that really impressive set of three towers that looks like a super-yacht got swept up in a hurricane and landed perfectly across them?

Yea, that’s the Marina Bay Sands.

It’s pretty amazing…

And whilst the price to stay isn’t in everyone’s budget, I implore everyone to take a trip to the observation deck on the ‘yacht’ level, and sip a Singapore Slinger in the infinity pool at sunset.

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